1. What does the school license cover?

    The license enables all students and teachers to use the Skoolbo program at both school and home on whatever platform (tablet, desktop, web) they wish.

  2. How much will the school need to pay in future years?

    Nothing! Forever Free means that you will never pay the school licence fee and Skoolbo promise to never advertise directly to children.

  3. How will Skoolbo pay its bills?

    Firstly we do everything possible to keep our costs at a minimum – we don’t have fancy offices and we travel up the back of the plane! We’ve spent more than £2.5M creating Skoolbo, but through our partners at Microsoft we are able to supply the service for exceptionally low amounts per pupil.

    We do of course have bills to pay and the main way that we will obtain revenue is through the parents who choose to purchase the inexpensive reports for £4.95.

  4. Why do you need teacher’s email addresses?

    These form part of teacher’s logins together with a password that we will create for them. We do not share these email addresses with anyone else including parents, nor do we use them to advertise to teachers.

  5. When can schools get started?

    Right away! Skoolbo has already launched in the UK.

  6. What age groups should I use it with?

    Skoolbo is great for all primary school children, but our particular favourites are the ones below 8 years of age. This is where we see the greatest improvement of all. Many schools also find considerable success with secondary pupils in need of further consolidation of key skills in Literacy and Numeracy. It should be noted that we have also had a great deal of success with pupils who have English as a second language..

  7. What technology can schools use?

    Skoolbo is available on:

    • Tablets - iPads, Androids
    • Desktops - PCs and Macs
    • Through the web browser - this is an HTML 5 version and is playable on most modern internet browsers

    The tablets and desktop versions are downloadable apps. These enjoy wonderful 3D graphics and they are the versions children most enjoy playing. The web browser version is a simplified environment that is useful when schools have difficulty deploying the app versions on their network. We strongly recommend tablets for children aged 6 and below.

  8. Our school has high levels of pupil mobility. How easy is it to make changes to the teacher and student accounts?

    Very easy! You can add and subtract pupils within the School Administration Dashboard. Pupils will be able to easily transfer their Skoolbo accounts to their new schools. This aspect is tremendously beneficial as it will help the new teacher quickly see the pupil’s learning profile.

  9. Do children need headphones?

    It is not essential but the experience for children is usually improved by the use of headphones as they will be able to hear more clearly. The use of headphones also helps to keep noise in the classroom to an acceptable level

  10. Do schools need a one-to-one technology environment?

    Ideally children will access the program on a device that they alone are using. However this does not mean that you need a device for every child in your class. Many schools find that having one or two groups of children using Skoolbo, while the rest of the class are engaged in other activities, works very well.

  11. Does Skoolbo also work offline?

    Yes, Skoolbo works offline and syncs the data when it finds a connection. Children may use any device and their data automatically syncs to the cloud and across devices.

  12. Can Skoolbo be played on an interactive whiteboard?

    Yes, Skoolbo shows brilliantly on an interactive whiteboard. The actual program was designed more for single child use, however we have seen many classes successfully employ it in this way. Furthermore we are currently working on some great purpose built whole class activities especially designed for interactive whiteboards and data projectors.

  13. Can the children use Skoolbo at home and is there an additional charge?

    Yes, we encourage children to use Skoolbo at both home and school. They are able to use whatever devices they have access to at home, and the data will automatically flow between home and school.

    No, there is no additional cost for pupils to use Skoolbo at home. The 3D apps are free to download and there are no "in app" purchases.

  14. Is there any advertising on Skoolbo?

    No, there is no advertising to children on Skoolbo.

  15. Do parents have to purchase additional reports?

    No. Shortly we will be releasing additional premium reports for parents which they may purchase for £4.95 should they wish to. Children’s access to the game will not be affected if these reports are not purchased.

  16. Will teachers receive premium reports?

    Yes, teachers and schools will have access to a wide range of reports, all of which are included in your Forever Free license.

  17. What is the recommended usage of Skoolbo?

    We recommend 4 to 5 twenty minute sessions of Skoolbo a week for optimal learning.

  18. Do the teachers need to set tasks for each child?

    No, the Skoolbo Spiral Learning Algorithm ensures every child receives appropriately differentiated curriculum. A new feature, to be released in the near future, will allow teachers to choose particular tasks for their pupils to more closely align with the topics they are working on at that time.

  19. Have you finished developing Skoolbo?

    No! We have spent four years and over 100,000 development hours creating Skoolbo. There's no question it's been a big effort, however we are still bubbling with ideas and have many exciting upcoming developments. Our full time development team comprises of 16 super passionate and educators, programmers and graphic designers / animators.

  20. How does Skoolbo ensure privacy and online safety?

    Privacy and child safety are of utmost importance to us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Child Safety Policy for further details.

  21. Can schools suggest improvements?

    Yes please! We particularly love it when teachers, parents and especially children give us brilliant suggestions.

  22. What support can schools get?

    Please contact us any time on info@skoolbo.co.uk or 020 8133 5253 where your enquiry will be answered by one of our Skoolbo Implementation Managers. Please let us know how we can help!